Help with login

First time logging in?

Is it the first time you are logging in with your account in Motivati systems?

  • Your username is your e-mail adress.

To receive a password:

  • Go to
  • Fill in your e-mail and proceed
  • You will automatically receive a temporary password
  • After you have logged in you will be asked to set a new password (if for some reason that does not happen, you can change your password by clicking the turnwheel to the lower left)

Tip! Copy the password from the e-mail you receive from, and paste it when you sign in.

Did you use «Forgot password», but received a message saying your e-mail is not an account in Motivati system?

It is most likely your account has been registered with the wrong e-mail. The administrator for your company (usually the top leader or the person responsible for HR) can log in and check which e-mail is registered to your account, and if necessary change it.

Do you have trouble with logging in?

  • Aftre three attempts, a CAPTCHA will appear with a simple calculation that you must answer in order to have the login approved.
  • After nine attempts, the account will be locked. Try to reset the password by clicking «Forgot password» and follow the steps.
  • Do you still have issues? Please, contact us at

Clicked «Forgot password», but have not receieved the e-mail with the new password?

Is your e-mail a Hotmail-account?

It is most likely the e-mail sent from Motivati has been stopped by the firewall protecting your Hotmail-account. To solve this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Hotmail and click the «Options» drop-down from your Inbox screen.
  2. Click «Junk Mail protection», click «Safe List»
  3. Type in and click «add» and «OK».
  4. Add the e-mail to your «contact list». This is an extra way to make sure you receive e-mail from a certain person or a domain. To do this in Hotmail, click «Contacts», click «New», assign a name and type in the e-mail adress in the box called «Online Adresses».

Do you still have issues? Please, contact us by chat, e-mail: or phone: 55 55 89 99